We are a funeral home that specialises in all types of funeral services, cremations, burials, crypt internments, repatriations, and have performed over one thousand funeral services in Nowra and the surrounding areas. We are a full service

 funeral home that can assist you from initial consultation right through to the funeral service itself.

At Turner Family Funerals, we understand that every farewell is different, and that every person is their own individual, so their goodbye has to be different too. Turner Family funeral directors are here to help you celebrate a life. Bringing loved ones, family and friends together to create an individual expression of goodbye. Our funeral directors have the experience and professionalism to conduct and arrange a funeral that will truly embody the memory of your loved one.

Why Choose Turner Family Funerals as a Director?

Tom & Birgitt are the last real  funeral directors. Offering a consistent, high quality standard of care to the bereaved and their families. When you need funeral directors  24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call Turner Family Funerals

Tom & Birgitt Turner, - as husband and wife and funeral directors we understand the grief and sorrow one goes through when faced with the loss of a loved one. As family funeral directors, we offer you peace of mind, easy and accessible financial services, and our own mortuary facilities, mortuary transfer vehicles and custom made hearses. Our funeral home offer a sincere and personal service that will help guide you through this difficult time.

For a personalised standard of care, call Turner Family Funerals serving all shoalhaven and surrounding suburbs and regional cities as well - our personalised, attentive funeral directors will deliver a beautiful service that will leave you the perfect memory.

To speak to Turner Family Funerals call (02) 44216009