About Turner Family funerals

Tom and Birgitt TurnerTurner Family Funerals is a dedicated family run funeral home who have helped generations of families through difficult times, providing care, support & reassurance when it matters most.

Tom and Birgitt Turner, Funeral Directors are local residents of the Shoalhaven area. They believe that when someone close dies, whether a relative or friend, people go through a grieving process and they need a funeral director who is compassionate, understanding and reliable. Tom and Birgitt and their staff consider it a privilege to care for the one who has died and also for their families and friends.

Tom and Birgitt consider individual needs and beliefs to arrange a funeral that is appropriate and in keeping with the wishes of the person who has passed, and their family. Turner Family Funerals adhere to a strong Code of Practise to ensure our high standard in the industry.

There are special times in our lives when we need support and care, when we need someone to help us through difficult moments, and help us to look after arrangements in the best way possible. Turner Family Funerals looks after your interests, helping with a gentle hand and a dignified approach, so your wishes and your loved ones are respected.

If you would like reassurance and peace of mind, call us at any time, day or night. We can explain what needs to be done, and the steps that are involved, and how we can help with every small detail.

We provide a seamless service arranging the entire funeral where understanding professional care and compassion come first. Staff are available at all times, day & night, therefore even outside normal hours we will be at your service.

We provide a selection of pre-designed funeral packages or the opportunity for you to create your own individual celebration with our full support. A full written funeral statement so all funeral costs will be clearly and fairly stated.
We also arrange pre-paid/funeral bond funerals with Funeral Plan Management formally Australian Unity who have over 12.3 billion dollars in funds becoming the leader in its field, providing security and peace of mind for over 150,000 clients.

Our website will give you an insight into some of the options open to you as an individual & provide you with helpful information to assist you plan the perfect funeral service.

This section of our website contains useful information about us. Learn about our caring staff, how to find us and see photos of our facility.